Everything You Need to Stock Up on in February

Even though February is the shortest month, there is still plenty of time to stock up on good deals! This month, use holidays to your advantage to get great deals. Whether it's buying Valentines after the holiday is over or taking advantage of Presidents Day sales, this month has a lot of savings to offer!

Everything Valentine

One can only eat so much chocolate but after the Feb 14, scoop up what do you think you can handle at 50 percent off, or more. The best deals will be non-perishable items such as valentine cards, stuffed animals and heart-shaped anything. Tuck them away for next year and save a bundle! If you’re like me, you might forget what you bought by this time next year. Save a few cardboard boxes and put an inconspicuous tag, sticker or simply a small drawing in the corner to help you remember what you bought and where it is.

Presidents Day Sales

Every holiday brings a sale. Presidents Day falls in February and with it comes a great deal on mattresses, bedding, electronics (especially computers) and furniture. This sale usually starts right before Valentine’s Day and runs through the following weekend. You’ve bought gifts for everyone else over the last few months. Take advantage of these sales and do something special for you!


The biggest and best jewelry giving holiday is Valentine’s Day, at which time prices may rise. Hold out until Feb 15 when jewelry stores are wanting to move out the excess of overstocked items. This could be the perfect timing if you’re planning on popping the question or having it popped anytime soon!


Perfumes won’t necessarily be a sale, but often you will receive a nice gift with your purchase. Whether it’s a two for one, a similar product or something completely different…that extra item can be used the next time you need a gift. You'll save money in the long run!

Large Appliances

If your major appliances are on their last leg or you’re longing for a new and improved version, Presidents Day is a great time to go shopping! You can find sales on washing machines, dryers and refrigerators dropping by about 35 percent. That can add up quickly on big-ticket items! Check out Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and Best Buy for the best deals!

Canned Food

February is national canned food month. Retailers will start the sales on or close to Feb 1. Now that the holiday leftovers are long gone, you’ll have plenty of space to stock up on canned items that will last months, sometimes even years. Make and freeze soups and stews for a quick warm-up on a cold night. Or simply stock up on items for your favorite year-round recipes. You’ll know you have plenty without risking yet another gas wasting trip to the grocery store for something you forgot!


Being one of the cold weather months, February doesn’t have a lot to offer in the fresh produce department. However, there are a few items that thrive in the cold such as arugula, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, onions, clementines, lemons, oranges and tangerines. Strawberries usually go on sale in February for Valentine’s Day, too! I’m definitely seeing some healthy smoothies in my future!

Video Games

Most new releases are out in time for the holidays. Since Valentine’s Day is the last big gift-giving day for a while, the prices will likely drop. Snag several to go with those electronic Presidents Day deals or stock up for upcoming birthday gifts.


Last but not least...a delightful deal in February can be found on flowers. On average you can expect to find a 20 percent price drop for a beautiful bouquet. Whether florists are competing for your valentine business or making sure they sell, not waste…the savings is your gain!

As always, keep your eyes on advertisements and sale papers where you might just find a great sale on the unexpected!

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