Everything You Need to Stock Up on in November

November is often left in the shadow of October and lost in the excitement of December. This beautiful month has its own magic, and tucked inside are some awesome deals and once a year bargain buys. Let’s crack it open and find everything that you need to stock up on in November!


This buy may seem a bit obvious. In order to meet the demands of thousands of Thanksgiving dinners being served across the country, stores tend to overstock in the turkey department. This creates competition which means great deals for shoppers! Some turkeys may be at rock-bottom prices while some merchants even offer a free turkey with a certain dollar amount purchase. Whole turkeys will be very difficult to find after the holiday season, so stock up in November. Turkeys can be frozen for up to a year. A hot bowl of homemade turkey soup in February or a thick-sliced turkey sandwich with fresh tomatoes in summer are worth sacrificing some freezer space now!

Halloween Items

Halloween costumes and decor can be pricey in September and October. But during the first few days of November, those prices will drop drastically! Pick up your costumes for next year. Think ahead on your decor. Purchase scented fall candles to fill your home with wonderful aromas at a fraction of the price! A quality candle can freshen up your whole space and will still smell amazing this time next year!

Black Friday Deals

Another notorious no brainer are all of the incredible Black Friday deals. To save some serious cash, plan ahead and only go after the things you really want and need. Don’t get caught up in the chaos and grab unwanted items in panic, ultimately losing money rather than saving it. It’s only a deal if it has a purpose.

Pumpkin Spice Everything

People laugh at pumpkin spice but what’s really funny is how quickly it all flies off the shelves! Trader Joes can’t keep any pumpkin spice products stocked. Lines circle around Starbucks. So, if you want to get your fill of pumpkin spice while you can, even if you keep it a secret, stock up in November before it’s all gone!

Butter and Cream Cheese

Baking items are in abundance during November in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Large supplies often mean great sales. Butter and cream cheese are also available in huge quantities. The downside is they are perishable. However, both can be frozen! Before use, simply let them sit at room temperature until thawed. Cream cheese may become a tad crumbly so it’s best used in baking and dips, but regardless, the taste will still be the same! Another plus, these two dairy buddies aren’t just for baking. Think dips for any occasion, buttered rolls, buttered popcorn, cream cheese pound cake for birthdays, melted butter for dipping seafood and the list goes on! So, stock up in November while they’re high in abundance and low in price!


Jack-o-lanterns are shriveling but uncut pumpkins make beautiful Thanksgiving decor as well as pumpkin pies! Often churches and other fundraisers will have some of all sizes left over. After Halloween, they want things cleared out and will give them away for free! Some may ask for a donation, but most just appreciate the cleanup help.

Produce and Canned Food

Pumpkins, brussel sprouts, corn, carrots and cabbage will be marked down in November. You can also stock up on Thanksgiving related non-perishable items, too, like canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey broth. You’ve heard of Christmas in July so why not Thanksgiving in June?

You’ve waited all year and it’s finally here. Make your list and check it twice to take advantage of all the great deals November has to offer!

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