Here’s How Much Money You Save by Sampling

Buying new products, or switching from one brand to another, is often expensive. After all, if you switch to something you don’t like or can’t use, you’ve wasted your money. What if there was a way you could try before you buy?

A budget-friendly way to try new items is by sampling. Free samples are an easy and effective way to check out new brands without breaking the bank. Fortunately, finding free samples is often easier than you may think. Here’s a closer look at how samples can help you save.

What are Free Samples?

Free samples are far more common than many people realize. Generally, there are two types of samples available:

  • Samples from the brand
  • Samples from a store

How to Find Free Samples

You have a few options, however, your first stop should always be

Connect with the Brand or Retailer

After you check, check out the specific company’s website because they might have free samples available. If you don’t find anything listed, but want to try your luck anyway, contact the company and request a sample of a product. They might send you one!  

Years ago, reaching a company required mailing a letter. However, the internet makes communicating with a company easier than ever before. Try reaching out via social media. Companies might respond favorably to your request if they think it’ll lead to positive attention online. 

Third-Party Samples Sent in the Mail

Next, you can connect with third-party organizations. Typically, they’ll send you a box of samples of various products. Products vary but are usually based on a profile you create with the organization. In return for sending the samples, companies hope you’ll post positive reviews online.  

On the plus side, you’ll get a lot of samples sent to you regularly. However, you’ll have to write reviews now and again, which can be time-consuming. Plus, you don’t always have control over what products you receive, or they might not always be something you want or need.

What Items are Available as Free Samples?

Here are some examples of things that you might be able to get as samples.


Food is one of the most popular items available as a free sample. You’ll typically find free samples at most major grocery stores, especially on the weekends. Eating a free sample is a great way to taste a new food or brand. Even better, the food is usually available for sale right away.

Typically, samples available in the store will be fairly simple items that don’t require elaborate preparation. Desserts, meat products and dip are popular items handed out at the grocery store.

Sampling can help you save at the grocery store because you can avoid buying food you don’t like. Although the specific savings will vary based on the type and amount of food, regularly sampling foods will help lower your annual grocery bills.

Health and Beauty Products

Makeup is another product where you can frequently find free samples. After all, companies understand you’ll want to see how it looks on your face before buying any significant quantity. 

Samples of beauty products are another way to save. The biggest savings are found with samples of body wash, lotion and shampoo. For example, most shampoo costs at least $10 a bottle, if not significantly more, for salon-quality formulas.

You don’t want to buy shampoo you’ve never used before. If you don’t like it, you’re stuck with a full bottle. Free samples allow you try it first.

Shampoo companies understand customers like to shop this way, so samples are usually easy to find. If you don’t mind switching shampoo brands frequently, you can save even more. Collect a variety of different samples from multiple brands. You can end up with a lot of shampoos without spending a dime.


Perfume is another product where you should have no problem finding free samples, especially if you go to a brick-and-mortar store.

Let’s face it, perfume gets pretty pricey. You don’t want to buy a bottle based on a brief whiff. Instead, you want to wear the perfume for a while, ideally, over several days — the scent changes based on your body chemistry. Samples are a no-cost way to test the perfume out.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Finding free samples can take some trial and error. However, the effort pays off – literally. You can save big by avoiding waste. Samples help you find new foods to eat and products to use without spending any money.

Depending on what samples you find, you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year or more. For example, let’s say you buy a $15 bottle of shampoo every month. That’s $180 a year.

What if you get at least one week’s worth of free samples of shampoo every month? That’s 12 weeks (or three months) where you don’t have to buy shampoo. You’ve reduced your annual spending on shampoo by 25 percent!

Now imagine expanding those savings to include toothpaste, lotion, perfume and other products. A few samples each month adds up to big savings by the end of the year.

Final Thoughts

A small bottle of shampoo or perfume doesn’t seem like much, but you can save lots of money if you’re consistent about obtaining and using samples. Plus, sampling helps you avoid blowing your budget by trying unknown items.

Although it can require some effort on your part, sampling is an excellent way to save! And that’s exactly why is so valuable for you. We collect free samples from all over the internet and put them in one convenient place so that you can save. Happy sampling!

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