13 Genius Ways to Save Money During Halloween 2019

Every holiday can become expensive if we let it and Halloween is no exception. Before you know it, you’ve spent a small fortune just on candy and costumes alone. And you haven’t even begun to think about parties and celebrations. Before you become too frightened, let’s dig up some ways to save some cold hard cash on Halloween.

1) Buy the Big Bags

It may seem painful to fork over the price of those huge bags of candy. Take a minute to do the math. The smaller bags will add up faster than you think. Also, you get more of a variety when purchasing the mega bags. All in all, you’ll come out on top buying in bulk while giving the little goblins a choice of candy!

2) Shop at the Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is loaded with a huge assortment of candy for $1.00 per bag. Other than candy, you can snag some packages of pencils, erasers, spider rings and other creepy treasures. Kids get excited when they see something different drop into their trick-or-treat bag! And you’ll be ecstatic because you only paid pennies per treat!

3) Have a Costume Swap

Get together with friends, church or school groups and swap! Most kids will have outgrown costumes from last year and will be thrilled to swap it out for a different, barely used monster or princess. Best of all, it will be free!

4) Host a Halloween Hot Dog Roast

Sadly, trick-or-treating becomes a little bit scarier every year. Invite friends and classmates over for a different and safe Halloween celebration. Roast an inexpensive hotdog on the cauldron grill for each visitor. Play some spooky and free YouTube selections and tell some ghost stories. Have each family bring one bag of quality candy. It will be inexpensive for everyone. The goodies will still add up and the kids will go home happy!

5) Serve Water

Serve bottled water at get-togethers instead of expensive sodas. Replace the label with a homemade one that says ghost tears.

6) Buy Ahead

After Halloween, buy decorations for next year. I have saved up to 90% on Halloween items that have been used for many years to come!

7) Make Memories

Leading up to Halloween, turn regular mealtime into memories. You have to eat so get creative and make monster mash spaghetti, put ghost skin (potato chips) or crow feathers (blue corn chips) in your kid’s lunches. So many possibilities to celebrate with food! Be sure to label them so they don’t miss the meaning!

8) Fall Festivals

Go to fall festivals at churches and schools. You might even go home with a free homemade cake from a cakewalk! 

9) Create Atmosphere

Use tealights scattered about for a hauntingly cool or a warm and cozy effect. A pack of 100 at Walmart is only $3.97! That’s enough for several magical nights of inexpensive decor!

10) Visit Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are a treasure chest for some cool Halloween decor. Think spray paint as you shop because it can transform anything. With that in mind, little Dollar Tree village houses can be spray painted black for a spooky, inexpensive Halloween town! See what your imagination can dream up!

11) Buy Pumpkins at Walmart

The pumpkin patch pumpkins are usually much pricier than the ones at the store. Keeping in mind that some are being sold to raise money for a good cause, which is good reason for a markup. But if your budget is tight, there’s no need for a no pumpkin holiday when there are many options to get an affordable one!

12) Run From High Price Tags

Stay away from elaborate, expensive costumes that will be outgrown next year. Use odds and ends you have on hand along with imagination to put together a fun costume. In other words, your own creation! After all, the main goal is getting the candy.

13) Look For Free Entertainment

Check with your community center to see what free activities are going on. You might be surprised at all the free stuff out there...and all the money you’ll save! Free can often be the most FUN!

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