8 Valentine Gifts You Can Make to Save Money

Valentine’s Day is about who your heart, not your wallet, belongs to. Shouldn’t the gifts you give be just as caring? True love doesn’t want you to stress or tax your bank account. Whether it’s your time, your talent or simply making memories…the sweetest gifts come straight from your heart. This Valentine’s Day, instead of spending money give your valentine something from the heart that they will cherish. Here are eight ideas to get your creative heart pumping!

Handmade Candles

The candle won’t be the only thing melting when your loved ones open this handmade surprise. Use anything from a sentimental dish to the heart-shaped glass from the Dollar Tree for a jar. To save even more money, recycle the wax from your favorite candles that have finished burning. Check out exactly how you can make your own candles here

Wooden Heart

Are you good with wood? If so, your customized gift options are endless! Here’s an idea, cut out a heart shape, sand it down, clean it well and deliver a beautiful cutting board! Make the presentation twice as nice by arranging a beautiful charcuterie board ontop. This way they can have their gift and eat it too!

Furry Valentines

Don’t forget your four-footed, furry valentines! Cure their lonely hearts and hold them when you’re not around by making a cuddly bed out of an old sweater. Pets will pick up your scent as they cuddle up in comfort! If you prefer to make something smaller, toys scented with your pup’s favorite human are a great choice too! Stuff a rubber ball or any safe item inside your old gloves or socks. Whether they’re sleeping or playing, they will be thinking of you.

Photo Puzzle

If you’re still puzzling over the perfect gift, this might be your answer. Print an 8x10 of your favorite photo. Cut the picture into puzzle shaped pieces, larger pieces will work best. Trace the photo pieces onto cardboard then cut those out with a sharp craft knife, keeping the edges clean so they will fit together well. Be sure you’re cutting on a safe, hard surface. Use mod podge to make it sturdy and protected. Your Valentine will be able to bring a piece of you with them everywhere!

Valentines Mailbox

Make an old fashion valentine box like we did in elementary school. Fill it with handwritten, heartfelt notes of what your sweetie means to you. Focus on what you love about them and special times you've shared together. Add to the fun by making it a family event. Everyone can make their own box for collecting life long memories!

Blow a Kiss

Give your sweetie a balloon bouquet. But first, drop a Hershey kiss inside each balloon before you blow it up. To make it even sweeter, present it with a plate of homemade cookies or a strawberry cheesecake!

Candy Grams

This is so easy! Cut hearts out of construction paper. Write the recipient’s name and a special note on one side and tape a simple piece of candy to the other. There you have it! A homemade valentine for school or a quick surprise to make anyone feel special!

Valentine Crayons

Collect your kids' broken crayons. Remove the paper from each. Break them into small pieces, mixing dark and light colors together. Use a silicone mold of a heart and fill them up. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the filled mold on a cookie sheet and bake for approximately 12 minutes. Remove from the oven and let them cool. This is the perfect Valentine for school if you are limited from allergies.

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