Everything You Need to Stock up on in January

Are you starting to feel the emptiness of the holidays coming to an end? The bright lights and sparkling tinsel are trickling away and the festive foods are now faded leftovers. For those who love the holidays as much as I do, this can be a huge letdown. But that depends on how we look at it! Start searching for next year’s treasures among the 50% off deals. Of course, you can’t predict exactly what your recipients will want in 2020... but everyone loves surprises!

Next December you’ll find yourself leaps and bounds ahead when you pull out all your ready to give gifts! Your bank account will thank you as well! By scooping up deals in January, you’ll have gifts that are twice as nice as what you could score at the peak of the shopping season! So, shoppers…it’s never too early to start rushing home with your treasures!

Holiday Decor

After the holidays is the perfect time to purchase new decor! Maybe your tree needs replacing, you’d love some new ornaments or your yard gets put on the back burner and stays bare year after year. Check stores as well as online in early January for your holiday sparkle! When December arrives, you’ll feel like a kid at Christmas as you pull out your brand-new decor! You may even forget you purchased some items resulting in more joyful excitement! The icing on the sugar cookie is when you remember what a deal you got and the money saved!


For decades, January has been known for its white sales. But that doesn’t mean this deal is limited to white bedding! Fortunately, any color of the rainbow qualifies for these sales! Now is the best time to freshen up your bedspreads, sheets, pillows and any other bedding. Towels also go on sale so you can also spruce up your bathroom while you’re at it!

Workout Gear

Everyone knows that getting healthy is at the top of the New Year’s resolution lists. Store owners are well aware of this, too! Put those thoughts together and you’ve got the best time of year to purchase the exercise equipment you’ve always wanted! Prices are lower and you’re motivated…what better combination to get started on a healthier you!


If you’re searching for more than linens, furniture is a great January buy! Most furniture stores begin to stock new styles and different lines of furniture in February. That makes the month of January the time of year stores drastically clear out for new inventory! These savings are yet another gift for you that can go towards a long-lasting investment!


The holidays are over and spring cleaning is almost here, so now is an incredible time for new flooring! This market is often at a standstill in January which means great opportunities for striking up a deal in your favor! Maybe you’ve always wanted to upgrade to hardwood, this is the perfect time to check out your options.

Winter Attires

Hearts are popping up in stores everywhere. Yes, already! Soon to follow we will be seeing summer and beach attire. In most places, it’s still cold outside! January is the perfect time to grab what is left of winter coats, sweaters, scarves and anything else that keeps you warm! Retailers will welcome your help moving out the old so they can stock the new.


If Santa didn’t come through with something on your kids' most wanted list, now is your chance to step in and be the hero! Maybe it was this year’s hottest item and the stores were sold out. That being the case, keep an eye out in January because chances are, they will restock at a better price. The other possibility is the items that were expected to be on every Christmas list and weren’t. Therefore, stores overstocked and now have an abundance to move out at a discount! From video games to basic toys, January definitely works in your favor!

Cold Remedies

What creates a perfect recipe for colds and flu? Cold months mixed with holiday gatherings, shopping cart handles full of germs and being tightly packed in stores with holiday shoppers…to name a few.  Fortunately, January is abundant in healthy remedies to keep you well. Stock up on everything citrus from oranges to lemons and grapefruits which provide plenty of healing vitamin C. Ginger root is in abundance and mixed with fresh lemon juice is perfect for a throat soothing ginger tea. Ginger itself is also a great remedy for stomach ailments brought on by too many delicious delicacies. Top off your pantry with your grocers overstocked holiday broths to keep you hydrated and ward off colds.

Put January‘s best buys to work to keep you and your bank account healthy and prosperous for 2020!

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